Maison Rouge

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  • Inspired By Baccarat Rouge 540 - A luxurious homage to Baccarat Rouge 540, blending rich amber, floral jasmine, and earthy Sandalwood for an opulent home aroma.
  • Key Notes: Bergamot | Jasmine | Amber. Start with Bergamot, Sandalwood, and Oud. Transition through Jasmine, Saffron, and Sweet Berry. Finish with Oakmoss, Amber, and Vanilla.
  • Diffuser Scent Intensity: 5/5. Maison Rouge offers a rich, enchanting blend that fills any room with its deep, lasting, and luxurious aroma.
  • Optimal Performance: Achieve the finest scent release using our fragrance with a cold air diffuser.
  • Kid & Pet Safe - Our fragrances our compliant with the international fragrance association standards (IFRA). Safe for pets and kids, vegan friendly, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic.